Life holds so much within it.

Joy, fear, happiness, terror, passion, apathy.

For someone new to life, the mere smell of a flower can be overwhelming.

The sun too bright, the night too dark.

At any moment, the roof could cave in.

All would be lost.

Or would it? Who can say?

How can one lose something that was never theirs?

How does one own a book from the library?

Or not pay back a loan?

It cannot be done.

The great love of our lives shall always get her due.

The choice is not ours to make.

Was it ever ours to make?

To be ensouled or for death to take?

I cannot say, I am not gone yet.



The fullest feeling of the sublime.

To realize one’s nothingness and oneness with Nature.

This is the greatest pleasure one can feel.

This is the feeling that we search for our whole lives.

To look out into the starry night sky.

And realize we are home.



I awoke to find myself haunted by existence.

The absurdity of life disorients and unsettles me.

How easy is nothing when compared to something?

How hard is life compared to death?

We may never know.

Life is a journey to a destination we never reach.

The meaning of life is to be alive and nothing more.